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Campaign 2016 Donor Honor Roll

The Scarsdale Adult School acknowledges with great appreciation the gifts received from individuals, foundations and businesses during the period of January 1, 2016 through December 31, 2016,
and extends a heartfelt thank you to each and every donor.

$2,000 - $2,500

Raizen/Serling Families
Gillian and Peter Rittmaster
Ann and Bill Sacher
Leesa and Michael Suzman
Eva and John Usdan

$1,000- $1,999

Nancy and John Alderman
Carol and Stephen Chase
Christie Spencer Corporation
Liz and Steven Gruber
Jennifer and Bud Gruenberg
James and Nella Hahn
Lisa Messinger
Cheryl and Philip Milstein
Paula and Daniel Reingold
Scarsdale Improvement Corporation
Elaine and Alan Weiler

$500 - $999

Robert Arnow
Mary and Jim Blum
Geralyn and Ralph Della Cava
Linda Ellis
Arlene and Lee Goldsmith
Robert Goldsmith
Natalie and Donald Handelman
Gail Horwood
Susan Freedman and Richard Jacobs
Leona Kern
Carole Princer Levy
Margaret and Paul Poster
Evelyn and Jerome Seidman
Terry and Paul Singer
Judy Soley
Beth Zadek and Joph Steckel
Susan and Jeffrey Stern
Evelyn Stock
Ruth and Andrew Suzman
Lisa and Jonathan Tretler
Susan and John Walker

$200 - $499

William Benson
Tris and Sam Berger
Beth Ehrich and Alan Berkeley
Beth and Daniel Bernstein
Bonnie Bleustein
Susan and Jon Bosco
Joan and David Bowen
Zoe and Michael Cantor
Lois Kohn-Claar
Nancy Craig
Lena and Jeffrey Crandall
Linda and Tom Davis
Jane Veron and Andrew Feldstein
Jessica Fichter
Karen and Edward Friedman
Muriel Fox Hahn
Joy and Rick Handelman
Marcy and John Harris
Carla and Philippe Ifrah
Leigh Brown Jacobs
Houlihan Lawrence
Janet Korins and Joseph Kaufman
Loryn Kass
Nancy Klein
Daney and Lee Klingenstein
Emily and James Kronenberg
Mary Larkin
Michelle Lichtenberg
Stephie and Bill Miller
Milton Negrin
Amy Paulin
Sharon and Irving Picard
Ann Silverman
Scarsdale Security Systems
Saba and Suhail Shaikh
Deb Morel and Michael Shuster
Anne and Mitchell Stafman
Pamela Frankel-Stein and Jonathan
Carol Stix
Florie and Rob Wachtenheim
Jacqueline and Arthur Walker
Jennifer and Ralph Watts
Kim Reichig and Michael Ziegelbaum

$100 - $199

Shari Levine Augarten
Nancy Rubini Aks
Mary Baker
Linda and Fred Ball
Lori and Brett Bernstein
Ellen Blauner
The Gusti Brandt Foundation
Ellen and Dan Brown
Jacqueline Bruskin
David Buchen
Karen Ceske
Susan Chapro
Barbara and Peter Clapman
Nancy and Chuck Clarvit
Lisa and Martin Cohen
Denice and Ernest Collazo
Anna Decker
Marilyn DeRight
Lisa Eisenstein
Lucille Frand
Eve and Carl Finger
Barbara R. Fogel
Kristin and Gary Friedman
Debra Fuchs
Caroline Crosson Gilpin
Susan Glickman
Rita Golden
Jon Goldfarb
Andi Goldstein
Rebecca and Richard Hahn
Melissa Hellman
Nita and Simon Jacobson
Priya Junnarkar
Marianne and David Kaplan
Rochelle and Barry Kaplan
Joan Mazur and Stephen Kapner
Nancy and Stephen Karotkin
Leslye and Gary Katz
Elyse and Barry Klayman


Barbara Kobre
David Kronick
Janet Levy
Arthur Librett
Judith Luskin
Sara Mainster
Pat Margand
Barbara McCourt
Marla Mehlman
Nicola and Mark Meskin
Margarita and Lucas Meyer
Margot Milberg
Debra and H.Robert Miller
Marjorie and Morgan Miller
Rebecca Miller
Jean Mitrakos
Rosamonde and Ed Morgan
Sharon and Colin Morris
Linda Leavitt and Liam Murphy
Sandra Muscillo
Herbert Newman
Lynda and William Ortner
Francine Osinoff
Dorothy Pack
Susan and Bill Pankow

Karen and Paul Pechman
Deborah and David Rapaport
Carole and Bill Resnick
Angela and Gary Retelny
Amy Roberts
Susan and Mark Romney
Kitt and Robert Rosenthal
Susan and David Roth
Lori Rotskoff
Pam and Paul Rubin
Robert Scheibe
Nancie and Steven Schnur
Ivy and Neil Shapiro
Rochelle Shuren
Jill and Gary Spieler
Harriet Sobol
Vivian and Donald Sonnenborn
Lila and Abbott Stillman
Barbara St. Lifer
Janice and Ira Starr
Nancy and Richard Steinberg
Audrey F. Steuer
Ellen Sunness
Lisa Tames
Suzanne Seiden and Kevin
Nicole Ungar
Linda Wetchler
Carol and Ken Weiser
Joelle and Gary Weiss
The Weiss Family Foundation
Carol and Larry Wolfe
Christine Wolf
Don Zacharia
Sandra Zinman


$99 and under

Ayala Adler
Alice Sue Appel
Anita and Stephen Aronoff
Carrie Bank
Ruth Baron
Renee and Kenneth Baylor
Carolyn and Charles Blatt
Jean Beach
Lois Bregstein
Ellen Bierman
Joe Capecci
Annette and Roger Cappucci
Meryl Newman-Cedar
Barbara and Evan Chesler
Lynn Demitrieus
Denise and Nathan Eisler
Mark Ellman
Alvin and Evelyn Fenichel
Phyllis and Frank Finkelstein
Gail and Thomas Giordano
Susan M. Greenberg
America Gonzalez
Sharon Grace
Helen Greer
Damodar Gujarati
Violet Haviland
Anthony Heller
Dan Hochvert
Jackie and David Irwin
Arline Josephberg
Doris S. Judell
Linda Kelson
Maryln Kimmel
Nancy Lou Koge
Tina Kurzner
Betty Landes
Amy Leinwand
Julia Legerman
Linda W. Levine
Helen and Thomas May
Judith Meisels
Peggy Mendes
Roberta Meyer
Barbara Mohr
Deardre and Howard Nadel
Julie and Richard Neches
Miyoki Oishi
Helen Pasternack
Sue and Jerry Peppers
Marina Perna
Paula Peterson
Judith Pinals
Harriet Rader
Monica and Gordon Rafajac
Lisa and Andy Rodman
Lenore Rosenbaum
Susan Roth
Joanne Ruckel
Susie and Andrew Rush
Constance Sadek
Faith Saunders
Ann and Paul Spindel
Mindy Eisenberg Stark
Laura Stix
Yale Sussman
Marie and Len Tallevi
Charlotte Guttman and
Andrew Turchin
Joan Uchitelle
Norma Wasserman
Alan Waxenberg
Bella Weissman
Han Zhou